Modern Chandeliers

Are you looking for the next bright idea to bring your home or commercial premises to life? Our ultra-modern crystal chandeliers are the perfect solution, bringing elegance and style to those spaces in a manner that’s built to last.

Moderneon Custom Made Chandeliers

Chandeliers provide a sense of luxury like no other lighting fixture, and our unique and bespoke designs take those sentiments to another level altogether. So, whether you’re wishing to inject new energy or create a bigger statement in living spaces and commercial properties, Moderneon are ready to turn that dream into a reality.

As a lighting & Display company we have been in The industry for over 50 years, working primarily with soft glass hollow tube Murano glass and crystal. Our Chandeliers are all bespoke, custom made to the individuals design, in shape size and colours, so pretty much most designs are achievable.

From Modern to Classic Chandeliers

Working Process

Moderneon’s custom-made chandeliers are crafted lovingly by a team of highly-skilled professionals, using advanced glass blowing techniques and hollow tubes to create our unmistakable quality.

By using bespoke processes, all of our crystal chandeliers can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Here are the styles that can be used to brighten up your residential and business locations.

Crystal Chandeliers a very new design and lighting technology with light transferring glass and crystal pendants both solid and hollow. Artisan finishes all hand crafted Including Argon light technology, a method not yet to have been adopted in this fashion.

Neon Chandeliers

As you can see in some of our own designs we have formed circles, and drop down hoops all glass blown by hand, an art form dating back at least a century or more years. We are using this technology to inspire our Chandeliers, Argon and Led, hand in hand, new and old working as a team, no mass production here, just time, effort and thought.

Domestic & Commercial Applications

Our Chandeliers are suitable for all domestic and commercial applications, households, apartments, Ships, retail parks, Shopping centres, prestigious houses, Hotels virtually any place one would like to make an impression. Our LED lights using a combination of warm and cool led’s to create a warm ambiance. The lighting can be switched from only LED, to only Argon tube lights, or as seen in our attachments both lighting simultaneously.

We use Murano Cristal pendants and Murano glass tube all assembled in the UK, components and drivers are European, so top brand products here. We are proud to say our Chandeliers are British made. We custom make so if a specific sizes or designs is required, we can reproduce to your specifications and dimensions. We also install so no worries there, and of course after sale service cleaning or maintenance if so required.


Moderneon produced very artistic and delicate pieaces of glass work tottally bespoke, In a very short period, they also fitted there attention to detail was excellent. Vito under took this whole project under our super vision. We can not thank you enough. This artistic glass sculptures glass blown featured in high end window displays across Europe. Hand crafted bespoke designs.

Emma - Elemental Designs London

Moderneon saved the day. We undertook a window display project for FENDI, Italy, November 2016. To produce 21 windows in London, Paris, Milan, and Rome, very intricate and detailed led neon trees. No other company could match Moderneon’s prices and fast delivery. Moderneon produced to the letter 32 no. 2.0 meter high neon trees, they installed and made sure all correctly working before shipping to Europe. We can not thank the team enough, would recommend Moderneon any time, very efficient and attention to detail.

Emma - Elemental Designs London



Architectural giant circular Chandelier

Nine meters in diameter suspended by steel Cables and square section powder coated metal frame.

Classico Bianco Uno

Dimensions : 900mm, warm with 6no. argon Hoop lights and centre warm white LEDS. 60no.Pendant clear solidToughen glass rods. Lighting can be switched to Leds only or Argon tube light only or both.

breathtaking design utilises centrepiece warm white LEDs to bring a warm glow from above while the toughened glass rods are built to offer a durable yet encapsulating appearance. Lighting can use LEDs only, Argon tubes only, or a combination of the two.

Classico Bianco Uno

Dimensions : 900mm, warm with 6no. argon Hoop lights and centre warm white LEDS. 60no.Pendant clear solidToughen glass rods. Lighting can be switched to Leds only or Argon tube light only or both.

Classico Cristallo Bianco Muro

The classic circular design embraces crystal pendants with clear glass vertical rods for a timeless look. However, the illuminated LEDs and Argon hoops shine blue and white to provide a modern twist that’s sure to give the space a distinctly luxurious vibe. Available with matching wall designs.

Cristallo Tubai

A series of Artisan glass blown white Murano glass coated fluted tubes suspended with light transferring effect, through the hollow glass edges and straight through the bottom of the hollow vertical pencil pendants. The head of the Chandelier illuminates and halos with a circle of hand glass blown Argon 10mm, dim, warm with tube.

Artisan Murano glass-coated fluted tubes are suspended in a circular pattern to help illuminate the light with stunning results in a 360-degree coverage from the head of the crystal chandelier. The vertically hanging pencil pendants reflect this for an even more magical vibe.

Aside from the fact that we take great pride in manufacturing state of the art luxury designs, Moderneon boasts over 50 years of specialised experience, working with primarily with soft glass hollow tube Murano glass and crystal.

When choosing Moderneon, the power is truly in your hands as the size, colour, and other essential design elements are tailored to your specific needs. Our modern chandeliers are illuminated by LEDs, providing blue lighting as well as both warm and cool white while bulbs are designed to last for up to 40,000 hours!

Our experts are fully committed to bringing your lighting dreams to life with our range of bespoke modern chandeliers, and will even install the unit while our world-class maintenance and cleaning services will keep your home or commercial premises in perfect condition for years to come.

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