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LED Architectural Lighting

Welcome to Moderneon, providing exceptional LED lighting solutions and customer satisfaction for 50 years. Our experts specialise in architectural LED lighting, cold cathode lighting and signage. Over the last five decades we have manufactured, supplied and installed hand-made products to commercial and residential sites. From hotels, cinemas, restaurants to majestic cruise liners, esteemed palaces and local shop retail sector – we serve every domain with expertise and efficiency.


Our architectural LED architectural lighting systems give designers the creative flexibility they want, and offer great savings in energy use. Our products are designed to highlight architectural forms perfectly and custom-made to fit every desired application. With a range of colours and shapes available, designers and architects can play with components to create beautiful designs and bold accent lighting.


Our architectural LED lighting systems offer significant cost reductions compared to the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps. Due to the easier installation, less frequent maintenance and energy-efficient operation, project owners can enjoy a dramatic difference in cost. We install high-efficiency systems that deliver exceptional performance and longevity for the illumination of building structures and architectural elements.


Compared to even the finest fluorescent lamps, our architectural LED systems offer a noticeable advantage over other lighting solutions. Because of the directional nature of the emanated light, they produce consistent brightness and avoid the irregularities resulting from re-lamping errors.

Owners can maintain brand image by avoiding burned out or defective lamps, improper colour temperatures, or fluctuating levels of brightness. There are no socket shadows to break consistency, providing only bright and even lighting throughout the establishment. Work with us for next project and experience the Moderneon difference

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