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Since ancient times man has constantly seeked illumination from its environment. In its most primal state of firelight from burning wood, man recognised its capacity to offer safety and security and – eventually – augment the ambiance of social occasions. Even in today’s modern, civilised society, these beliefs are still held in incredibly high regard.

Few know this better than Moderneon, where we constantly strive to combine and ameliorate these core values in our diverse line of Landscape Lighting. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, practical addition to compliment your outdoor features or a perhaps more modest, discreet approach to illuminate your exterior, Moderneon has the answer; bold, vogue bollard lights or unobtrusive in-ground lighting, both remain an exceptionally viable method to call attention to your driveway. We also design bespoke exterior wall lighting, all fully waterproof and heat-resistant, permitting you to highlight the most unique styling aesthetics of your home. Rockeries, water- features, driveways and promenades, consult Moderneon to ensure your exterior displays are encapsulated in stunning, stylised illumination.

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