We are LED Track Lighting specialists

To cater to our clients in pursuit of the most contemporary, multi-purpose LED fixtures, we have a wide variety of LED Track Lighting. Inter-changeable, efficient, affordable and adaptable, these units often appeal to the artistic market, finding heavy use in art exhibitions, galleries and studios, whilst also simultaneously complementing a more domestic milieu too. Concurrent designs of kitchens and studies blend seamlessly with the stylised, linear, track-like aesthetics of these decorative fixtures.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, our line of Track lighting additionally bares benefits of a practical nature; employing state-of-the-art LED lights, generate more illumination at less energy consumption than other electrical lights. This also translates to lower maintenance costs, its drastically longer lifespan making it ideal for both householders and business- owners. Savings of up to 70 – 80% are not unknown when taking advantage of this technology. Aside from being easy to install, it is also highly customisable; permitting re- configuration with various interchangeable units to suit your personal preference.

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