Nightclub Lighting Ideas
November 24, 2018

When it comes to setting the atmosphere of a room, lighting is one of the most powerful tools at any homeowner or business owner’s disposal.

Mood lighting doesn’t merely illuminate the space; it creates a vibe while also influencing the other interior design decisions.

Frankly, this makes it one of the most effective ways of bringing an entirely new flavour to your home or commercial premises.

Over the past 50 years or so, Moderneon has helped thousands of clients use mood lighting to bring their visions to life.

If you’re looking to inject fresh and modern energy to your room, this is an ideal solution.

A Modern Mood Lighting Approach To Lighting The Home Or Business

Lighting possibilities have evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, with previously exclusive ideas now accessible to the masses.

Mood lighting is one that brings a contemporary flavour to any room and is sure to wow the family, guests, and business clients alike.

Perhaps more importantly, studies show that the use of effective lighting can reduce headaches while also aiding energy levels and staff morale.


Whether the fixtures use illuminated tubing, spotlights, or any other feature, they can give your spaces an entirely new aesthetic.

Meanwhile, that carry a sense of luxury and style that is primarily associated with only the most expensive devices.

In truth, most mood lighting fixtures signal fantastic investments, not least because the bulbs are built to lower running costs and maintenance needs in one fell swoop.

Mood lighting can work as the room’s exclusive lighting source or may be used in conjunction with others.

You may wish to set an atmosphere for romance, entertainment, evening relaxation, welcoming guests, or many other features.

Either way, the right lighting goes a long way to making it happen.

The industry forecasts predict that the sector will have grown by over 100% from its 2017 figures by 2022, which shows why now is the perfect time to join the revolution.

Whether you need help creating a vision or just need a team of experienced lighting experts to bring your ideas to life, Moderneon is the only answer you’ll ever need.

The Mood Lighting Control Is In Your Hands

The use of LED lighting has moved the goalposts forever. Nowadays, the range of potential fixtures is so extensive that the possibilities are endless.

Track lighting, ceiling lighting, floods, tri-proof luminaries are just some of the examples on offer.

Whether it’s a simple white light, a warm orange, or a relaxed blue, the choice of colour schemes truly puts you in full control of setting the mood.

In many cases, the most advanced lighting fixtures can display several lighting options including varying levels of intensity.

Making the switch to LED lighting is a smart move on a financial level too as the average LED light will cost $34 over 20 years compared to $211 for an outdated incandescent.

Meanwhile, the reduced wattage is great news for the environment. Different lighting fixtures and designs will impact the overall situation, but the modern bulbs are the way to go.

LED mood lighting can be used in a host of spaces.

Examples in the home include lighting the home cinema or the luxury lounge while businesses can use mood lighting in dining spaces and reception areas as well as many others.

Moreover, the versatile solutions can be used in external areas ranging from home garden patios to business entrance points.

Moderneon have worked with some of the biggest brands including Hilton, Marriott, and Holiday Inn to provide luxurious, modern, and comforting atmospheres through the use of mood lighting.

Whatever you want to achieve with your home or business, our experts are ready to help.

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